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Traditionally payments are known as the most painful part of app experiences. But what if they didn’t have to be?

To help you create even more frictionless payment flows in the future, we put together a list of 10 of the most forward-looking app payment experiences that we could think of.

So here they are: the 9 + 1 app payment experiences you should benchmark this year.

1. EasyPark — pay for your parking in app

In many ways, the mobility industry is leading the way when it comes to app payment technology. And the EasyPark app is no exception.

The Swedish company now operates in 13 markets and more than 700 cities — and for a good reason, since the app’s user experience couldn’t be more frictionless. Simply put, the user parks their car, opens the app on their phone, selects or approves the parking area, and estimates the time their vehicle will be parked. And if the user ends up needing more time, they can always extend it on the app — without having to run back to the parking meter.

While the total user flow is genius in its simplicity, the best part of the EasyPark app is that payments happen in the background. What’s more, the user can stop parking at any time, which means that they’ll only pay for the actual use of a parking spot.

2. Finavia Helsinki airport app — flying with ease

A pet project of ours that deserves its spot in the app hall of fame is the Helsinki airport app, which allows app users to pre-pay for their parking and monitor their flight status in app.

With a frictionless payment flow facilitated through the Payment Highway API, the end-to-end airport experience is now characterized by convenience, not panic or rush.

Psst! To read more about the Helsinki Airport app, check out our case study.

3. DriveNow — car sharing with event-triggered payments

Speaking of mobility, there’s a new Sheriff in several European towns, and it’s called DriveNow. Instead of having to go through all the hassle associated with owning a car, the handy car sharing service allows its customers to book the closest vehicle and leave it in the most convenient drop off location once they’re done.

And the app? Well, can we just say that it’s just as convenient as the business model. All you have to do is save your payment card details once, and the rest will pretty much take care of itself in the background. Fast, convenient, and simple — just like payments should be.

4. HSL app — public transportation made easy

When it comes to payment tech, public transportation is surprisingly not that far behind the private sector. And a great example from this comes from our hometown, Helsinki.

The HSL app allows people in the capital region of Finland to buy tickets and find the best routes on their mobile. By storing their credit cards safely in the app, the users can easily buy single and day tickets as well as renew their 30-day tickets.

The best part? No more travel cards or pieces of paper to worry about. The user’s phone is literally their ticket and so they’ll never have to go out of their way to buy a ticket or top up their travel card.

5. Neste app — fueling on your phone

While we’re still on the subject of mobility, we couldn’t help but mention our very own customer Neste, whose mobile app makes fueling into a breeze.

App users who have saved their payment card information within the app can simply choose a pump from their mobile screens, fill the tank, and confirm the payment in app. A few swift taps, and they’re already on their way.

Psst! For more details about the Neste app, checkout the case study.

6. Wolt — meals to your doorstep

Moving away from the mobility sector, another industry that’s making great strides in the adoption of payment tech, is the rapidly evolving food delivery industry.

And within that segment, we’d be silly not to mention Wolt, the Helsinki-based company whose app has not only won the hearts of hungry people across nine countries but also scored the Apple Editor’s Choice award.

With support for traditional tokenized credit card payments and Apple Pay, the users can make payments in just a few taps and have it delivered to their doorstep in a matter of minutes.

7. Hesburger app — fast food just got faster

Another rising trend in the food and beverage industry is fast food and restaurant chain’s increasing tendency to offer pre-order, pre-payment and pickup as a viable alternative to home delivery.

A great example of this comes from the Finnish burger chain Hesburger whose customers can now pre-order and pay for their meals in app, and avoid queuing by simply picking up their orders from the register.

8. Ocado — the grocery store that lives (only) in your pocket

While each European country has their own favorite grocery delivery service, perhaps the most notable one comes from the UK and goes by the name Ocado.

But what makes Ocado all that special? Unlike Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and most of its international competitors, Ocado doesn’t operate one single physical store. And so it doesn’t have all the legacy of brick and mortar grocery stores to worry about.

And so from a sophisticated recommendation engine to a frictionless checkout flow, the Ocado experience is definitely worth benchmarking — even if your business has nothing to do with groceries.

9. Mikkeller Shop — everyone’s favorite beer subscription

And now that we’re on the topic of food and beverages, we absolutely must talk about Mikkeller, the Danish brewery that has taken the hipster beer experience on a whole new level.

How? By creating the Mikkeller Beer Mail, a subscription service that delivers 9 hand-picked beer bottles to your door once a month. All you have to do is sign up online, and cancel whenever you feel like it.

It’s genius, really.

10. [Insert your app here] — frictionless app payments for any use case

Whether you’re working in mobility, food & beverages, professional services, SaaS, or virtually any other industry, the fact of the matter is that payments are increasingly moving to mobile.

And if you’re looking for a payment partner to help you get started, you’ve come to the right place. We’re happy to help with any questions, be it about the tech or business. Contact us here!