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Our websites and mobile applications use analytics tools to provide and monitor the usage of our services and to develop them further. The analytics tools also ensure that our services are functioning properly, in addition to enabling us to target advertising to users as described in this document.

What kind of information do we collect?

The analytics and marketing tools used in our services utilise cookies and other similar online identifiers. Online identifiers are used by our analytics tools to provide us with information on, for example, which pages users visit, what applications they use and how they navigate between different pages or websites. In order to develop our services, we obtain information on, for example, how our services are working and what kind of content users find interesting.

Online identifiers enable us to combine data collected from our services to, for example, an individual user’s browser or device, and to analyse the use of the services.

Enabling the provision of fluent services

The purpose of analysing the use of our services is to create a better customer experience as well as to provide the best possible service.

The collected data is used to provide, develop and maintain online and mobile services as well as to ensure data security and to prevent any misuses. Cookies are needed in, for example, for the maintenance of online service sessions. Analytics is also used for sorting out errors and to compile statistics and reports on OP Financial Group’s* business operations. Due to these reasons, some cookies are mandatory for the provision of the service.

 * Payment Highway service belongs to OP Financial Group (also called as OP), via OP's Checkout Finland subsidiary.

Targeted content and marketing

By collecting data on the usage of our services, we can create target audiences and thus improve the customer and user experience by providing users with interesting targeted and personalised content as well as advertising.

These target audiences enable us to target advertising on third-party websites as well. That is why users may for example see OP advertising on third-party websites too. We may also create target audiences by utilising user data collected together with our partners from other websites in addition to targeting marketing through social media services.

Are we able to identify users with online identifiers?

In most cases the reason for using analytics tools is not to combine online behaviour data with our other customer data. However, we may combine data, concerning the use of services with a certain browser or device, to an identified customer when a user logs into OP’s services with their own credentials. In general, only OP shall combine data and process customer data. If a customer logs into OP’s services on different devices, the data collected on the usage of the aforementioned different devices may be linked to the specific customer.

How can users Opt-out from the use of cookies and online identifiers?

Users can Opt-out from the use of cookies and online identifiers for any other purpose than what is strictly necessary in order to provide the service.

This can be done using the following links:


Users can manage different social media services through their own user interfaces.

If a user wishes to disable cookies altogether, it can be accomplished by disabling them from the browser settings. However, in such a situation, OP can no longer ensure that all the services will function properly.


Data security

OP shall process data obtained from services securely in accordance with OP Financial Group’s standards and data security principles as well as in accordance with data protection laws and other applicable regulation. OP shall develop and monitor data security systematically and shall also ensure that its subcontractors shall process personal data securely.

Please see here, for more information about the processing of personal data.