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Want to learn all about frictionless payments?

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Payments – just the way you like them

Accepting payments doesn’t have to be difficult. With Payment Highway, you can create your own subscriptions to bill customers on a recurring basis or get payment tokens to charge for one-click payments. After that, it’s up to your customers to decide whether they want to pay with a card or a mobile wallet like Apple Pay, MobilePay, or Pivo.

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Check out how easy it is to get a card token in your backend for making charges:

The optimal choice for payment solutions The optimal choice for payment solutions    

// Click "▶ run" to try this code live and get your first card token.


//Require the Payment Highway library

var paymentHighway = require('paymenthighway');


//Initialize with test merchant credentials

var paymentAPI = new paymentHighway.PaymentAPI(








//Get a card token for a test card tokenization ID

await paymentAPI.tokenization("f34c7ac0-ea5b-454b-8a7a-d08c05132653");

That's it!

Now go ahead and charge the card.

Got hooked or need more proof? Check out our Sandbox and APIs.

If you have any questions about the environments we support, the payment methods we accept, or anything really, feel free to drop us a line. Our dev chat is here to answer all your questions, including the ones about business.


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